Johnsons Appliance - Sold me a Lemon Maytag Washer

Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1 comment
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I bought a Maytag washer 9-13-08 from Johnson Appliance.

Two years and three months later, I was told I got a Lemon from the Maytag repair man. Not one thing the Company would do for me. That same repair man told me this was the 2nd one two years or less that had this happen. My clothes full of oil and the Transmission shot. Never again will I buy any Maytag appliance. They are junk,I am out nearly $600.00 Model # MTW5700T00 Serial # CW2340496

Rotten deal for a 75 year old

Florence Kunkel, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Review about: Maytag Washing Machine.



I work for Johnsons Appliance Repair and I believe this review is meant for Johnsons Appliance a totally different company.We don't even sell appliances, we repair appliances.

I am a little concerned that we got mixed up with them.

I can see how since we have almost the same name but please correct the business that you are reviewing.Thank you :p

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